Harpers Bazaar March 2013
Nails by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative Learn how to do my tie-dye nail on TheGlossy.Sephora.com Spriiiiing Breaaaaaak Foreverrrrrr
Spring Breakers x Opening Ceremony Nails Black Matte with Black Gloss Art Manicure King of the Jungle Nails The Akris Manicure
Inspired by this look from the Akris Spring 2012 collection.   Tropical & Glitter Manicure The Chloe Manicure
Inspired by this look in the Chloe Spring 2012 collection. Tiger Nails : raaaaar Prima Creative x @thenewblacktv REBEL EDGE COLLECTION Now available at SEPHORA.com  Diaboli Kill Floral Manicure Detail Floral Manicure for the incredible Jewelry Designer Angie Marei of Diaboli Kill
Ring: Diaboli Kill Two Horn Ring